Cesar Bravo - Senior Animator

3D Character Animator



Lead Animator

[email protected]



   3D animation, motion capture creation and clean up (Maya and 3ds Max), Rigging, Modeling, Texturing


   Maya, 3ds Max, Unreal, Unity, Softimage, Perforce, Jira, Shotgun, After Effects, Photoshop


Oxide Games / Lutherville-Timonium, MD / May 2019-Present

Lead Animator

     Unannounced Title

          ◦ Managed multiple outsource animation teams by creating tasks, scheduling work, and submitting daily critiques.

          ◦ Researched and developed solutions for technical animation and production hurdles.

          ◦ Determined an animation style for all characters in the game.

          ◦ Established and maintained a benchmark for animation quality.

          ◦ Implemented animations into proprietary engine.

          ◦ Mentored peers.

          ◦ Scripted Python tools in Maya to help improve Modeling and Animation workflow.

QC Games/ Austin, TX/ Jul 2017-April 2019

Senior Animator

    Breach (PC)

          ◦ Hand-key animation for multiple human and creature characters.

          ◦ Involved in the creative process with the rest of my team to come up with the most practical, yet aesthetically pleasing animation.

          ◦ Implement each animation into Engine.

          ◦ Scripted Python tools in Maya to improve animation workflow.

SAIC  / Huntsville, AL / Dec 2013 – Jun 2017

Lead Animator

    Go Army Edge: Football and Soccer (Mobile Apps)

          ◦ Supervised Animation Team, managed assets, created motion capture shot lists, imported animation into Unity engine.

          ◦ Cleaned up motion capture and created key frame animation.

Senior Animator

    America's Army: Proving Grounds (PC game)

◦ First person M24 Sniper Fire and Reload Animation

◦ Third person C4 Disarm Animation

Within / Los Angeles, CA / Jan 2017 – Mar 2017

Senior Animator (Freelance/Remote)

    Under Neon Lights VR Experience (VR music video)

          ◦ Provided hand-key character animation.

          ◦ Created character rigs.

Titmouse Inc. / Hollywood, CA / Aug 2013 – Oct 2013

Senior Animator

    HER (Movie)

◦ Animated various scenes with the blue alien child in Theodore's video game.

Spark Unlimited / Sherman Oaks, CA / Oct 2010 – Jul 2013

Senior 3D/ DLC Lead Animator

    Lost Planet 3 (360, PS3, PC)

◦ Created in-game and cinematic animation for creatures, characters, mechs

◦ Responsible for all “cover system” animations

◦ Cleaned and modified mocap animations

◦ Acclimated new animators to company pipeline, software, and tools

Bent Image Lab / Portland, OR / Nov 2011 – Dec 2011

Animator (Freelance/Remote)

    GRIMM (TV)

◦ Animated rats for “Danse Macabre” episode.

Pixomondo / Santa Monica, CA / Apr 2011 – May 2011 

Animator (Contract while in hiatus from Spark Unlimited)

    Redtails (Movie)

◦ Animated WWII planes and cameras

Erick Geisler Productions / Hollywood, CA / Mar 2010 – Oct 2010

Lead Animator

    Ipredator (NatGeo Canada Release) (TV)

    ESPN: Sports Science (TV)

◦ Responsible for animating creatures, cameras, and mocap clean up in 3ds Max

◦ Worked closely with producers and peers to achieve networks' goals, ensure quality and meet deadlines

Spark Unlimited / Sherman Oaks, CA / Jun 2009 – Jan 2010 


    Canceled 3rd person action adventure game

◦ Animated in-game and cinematic assets

Image Metrics Inc. / Santa Monica, CA / Feb 2006 – Jul 2009 

Senior Facial 3D Character Animator

    Lead teams of animators in accomplishing quality animation for clients and provided facial animation for the following:

◦ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Movie)

◦ Splice (Movie)

◦ Gnarls Barkley "Who's gonna save my soul" (Music Video)

◦ Red Dead Redemption (360)

◦ GTA Episode 1: Lost and Damned (360)

◦ Grand Theft Auto 4 (360, PS3)

◦ Devil May Cry 4 (360)

◦ Battlestations Midway (360)

◦ Socom US Navy Seals: Combined Assault (PS2)

◦ Reservoir Dogs (PS2)

Luminetik Studios / Santa Monica, CA / Jul 2005 – Sep 2005

3D Character Rigger (Internship)

◦ Refined rigging techniques on organic characters using Maya

◦ Customized character rigs

Film Roman / North Hollywood, CA / Summer 2005

CG Artist (Internship)

    Tripping the Rift (TV)

◦ Assisted with lighting scenes for “Tripping the Rift” (TV series) using 3ds Max

    Voodoo Moon (Movie)

◦ Assisted with rotoscoping on “Voodoo Moon”(TV Movie) using After Effects


The Art Institute of California- Los Angeles / Santa Monica, CA / Oct 2002 – Dec 2005

◦ Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, Major: Media Arts and Animation


◦ 2010 Sports Emmy Award: Outstanding Graphic Design (Animation on Sports Science)

◦ D&AD Award for Outstanding Achievement (Animation) for Gnarls Barkley's “Who's Gonna Save My Soul” music video

◦ Honors Graduate 2005